HURGHADA 2019-2020 Stop-Sale
Date of update: 15/11/2019

SINGLE room OR SINGLE + CHILD are on request basis in all Hotels

BELLA VISTA 3*06/11/2019 (incl.)20/11/2019 (incl.)All room types 
ALI BABA PALACE 4*05/11/2019 (incl.)19/11/2019 (incl.)All room types 
ARABELLA AZUR RESORT 4*10/11/2019 (incl.)29/11/2019 (incl.)All room types 
ARABIA AZUR RESORT 4*12/11/2019 (incl.)16/11/2019 (incl.)All types in Standard 
27/11/2019 (incl.)28/11/2019 (incl.)All types in Standard 
BEL AIR AZUR RESORT (Adults Only 18+) 4*28/11/2019 (incl.)28/11/2019 (incl.)All room types 
14/11/2019 (incl.)25/11/2019 (incl.)All types in Standard 
03/12/2019 (incl.)04/12/2019 (incl.)All types in Standard 
31/12/2019 (incl.)01/01/2020 (incl.)All types in Standard 
CORAL BEACH RESORT 4*04/11/2019 (incl.)15/11/2019 (incl.)All room types 
GOLDEN BEACH RESORT (ex.Movie Gate) 4*10/11/2019 (incl.)19/11/2019 (incl.)All types in Standart Sea view 
26/11/2019 (incl.)30/11/2019 (incl.)All types in Standart Sea view 
JAZ CASA DEL MAR BEACH (ex.Grand Plaza Hotel) 4*01/10/2019 (incl.)10/01/2020 (incl.)All room types 
KING TUT RESORT 4*18/11/2019 (incl.)05/12/2019 (incl.)All room types 
Pickalbatros ALBATROS AQUA PARK 4*18/11/2019 (incl.)22/11/2019 (incl.)All room types 
Pickalbatros ALF LEILA WA LEILA 4*15/11/2019 (incl.)22/11/2019 (incl.)All room types 
Pickalbatros AQUA VISTA RESORT 4*18/11/2019 (incl.)22/11/2019 (incl.)All room types 
Pickalbatros BEACH ALBATROS RESORT 4*17/11/2019 (incl.)05/12/2019 (incl.)All types in Standard 
SAMRA BAY 4*01/04/2020 (incl.)30/04/2020 (incl.)All room types 
SUNRISE MERAKI (Adults Only 18+) 4*03/11/2019 (incl.)03/12/2019 (incl.)All types in Standart room (Trouble GV) 
27/12/2019 (incl.)02/01/2020 (incl.)All types in Standart room (Trouble GV) 
The Three Corners RIHANA INN 4*11/11/2019 (incl.)15/11/2019 (incl.)All room types 
The Three Corners RIHANA RESORT 4*11/11/2019 (incl.)26/11/2019 (incl.)All room types 
The Three Corners SUNNY BEACH RESORT 4*08/12/2019 (incl.)12/12/2019 (incl.)All room types 
05/01/2020 (incl.)11/01/2020 (incl.)All room types 
TITANIC RESORT & AQUA PARK 4*01/11/2019 (incl.)10/12/2019 (incl.)All room types 
01/11/2019 (incl.)10/12/2019 (incl.)All types in Family room 
CARIBBEAN WORLD SOMA BAY 5*31/12/2019 (incl.)31/12/2019 (incl.)All room types 
CAVES BEACH RESORT (Adults Only 16+) 5*01/10/2019 (incl.)30/04/2020 (incl.)SGL in Standart Sea view 
01/10/2019 (incl.)30/04/2020 (incl.)SGL in Deluxe Sea view 
01/10/2019 (incl.)30/04/2020 (incl.)SGL in Standart Pool view  
01/10/2019 (incl.)30/04/2020 (incl.)SGL in Royal Cave Swim up 
25/12/2019 (incl.)05/01/2020 (incl.)All types in Standart Sea view 
25/12/2019 (incl.)05/01/2020 (incl.)All types in Deluxe Sea view 
CONTINENTAL HURGHADA RESORT (ex. Movenpick Resort Hurghada) 5*04/11/2019 (incl.)15/11/2019 (incl.)All room types 
DESERT ROSE RESORT 5*02/11/2019 (incl.)16/11/2019 (incl.)All room types 
21/11/2019 (incl.)22/11/2019 (incl.)All room types 
16/10/2019 (incl.)25/11/2019 (incl.)All types in Side Sea view 
26/10/2019 (incl.)04/12/2019 (incl.)All types in Club Room Lagoon or Beach front 
15/11/2019 (incl.)30/11/2019 (incl.)All types in Standard 
15/11/2019 (incl.)30/11/2019 (incl.)All types in Pool view 
25/12/2019 (incl.)02/01/2020 (incl.)All types in Side Sea view 
25/12/2019 (incl.)04/01/2020 (incl.)All types in Club Room Lagoon or Beach front 
26/12/2019 (incl.)28/12/2019 (incl.)All types in Standard 
JAZ MAKADINA RESORT 5*05/11/2019 (incl.)29/11/2019 (incl.)All types in Superior Sea Side 
26/12/2019 (incl.)03/01/2020 (incl.)All types in Superior Sea Side 
LABRANDA ROYAL MAKADI 5*27/10/2019 (incl.)18/11/2019 (incl.)All room types 
PHARAOH AZUR RESORT (ex.Sonesta Pharaoh Beach Resort) 5*10/11/2019 (incl.)22/11/2019 (incl.)All types in Garden view 
Pickalbatros ALBATROS PALACE RESORT 5*09/11/2019 (incl.)26/11/2019 (incl.)All room types 
Pickalbatros ALBATROS WHITE BEACH 5*17/11/2019 (incl.)28/11/2019 (incl.)All room types 
02/12/2019 (incl.)06/12/2019 (incl.)All room types 
16/11/2019 (incl.)18/11/2019 (incl.)All types in Standard 
23/11/2019 (incl.)24/11/2019 (incl.)All types in Junior Suite 
Pickalbatros DANA BEACH RESORT 5*16/11/2019 (incl.)26/11/2019 (incl.)All types in Superior 
17/11/2019 (incl.)04/12/2019 (incl.)All types in Standard 
SENTIDO MAMLOUK PALACE RESORT 5*22/12/2019 (incl.)26/12/2019 (incl.)All room types 
01/11/2019 (incl.)24/11/2019 (incl.)All types in Standart Sea view 
18/11/2019 (incl.)24/11/2019 (incl.)All types in Standart Garden view 
01/12/2019 (incl.)07/12/2019 (incl.)All types in Standart Sea view 
01/12/2019 (incl.)02/12/2019 (incl.)All types in Standart Garden view 
20/12/2019 (incl.)04/01/2020 (incl.)All types in Standart Sea view 
28/12/2019 (incl.)31/12/2019 (incl.)All types in Standart Garden view 
01/02/2020 (incl.)25/02/2020 (incl.)All types in Standart Sea view 
STEIGENBERGER ALDAU BEACH 5*14/11/2019 (incl.)17/11/2019 (incl.)All room types 
28/11/2019 (incl.)29/11/2019 (incl.)All room types 
20/12/2019 (incl.)20/12/2019 (incl.)All room types 
STEIGENBERGER AQUA MAGIC 5*24/12/2019 (incl.)26/12/2019 (incl.)All room types 
10/11/2019 (incl.)12/12/2019 (incl.)All types in Standard 
10/11/2019 (incl.)26/12/2019 (incl.)All types in Superior 
27/12/2019 (incl.)02/01/2020 (incl.)All types in Superior 
STELLA DI MARE BEACH RESORT & SPA MAKADI (ex.Stella Makadi Beach) 5*10/11/2019 (incl.)27/11/2019 (incl.)All room types 
SUNRISE SELECT GARDEN BEACH 5*18/11/2019 (incl.)25/11/2019 (incl.)All room types 
23/12/2019 (incl.)25/12/2019 (incl.)All room types 
01/11/2019 (incl.)29/11/2019 (incl.)All types in Sea view 
15/11/2019 (incl.)29/11/2019 (incl.)All types in Standard Side Sea view 
24/11/2019 (incl.)25/11/2019 (incl.)All types in Family room 
01/12/2019 (incl.)12/12/2019 (incl.)All types in Standard Side Sea view 
01/12/2019 (incl.)12/12/2019 (incl.)All types in Sea view 
20/12/2019 (incl.)08/01/2020 (incl.)All types in Family room 
23/12/2019 (incl.)03/01/2020 (incl.)All types in Sea view 
15/02/2020 (incl.)21/02/2020 (incl.)All types in Family room 
27/02/2020 (incl.)28/02/2020 (incl.)All types in Sea view 
28/03/2020 (incl.)17/04/2020 (incl.)All types in Family room 
28/03/2020 (incl.)17/04/2020 (incl.)All types in Sea view 
SUNRISE SELECT ROYAL MAKADI 5*22/11/2019 (incl.)23/11/2019 (incl.)All room types 
14/11/2019 (incl.)29/11/2019 (incl.)All types in Standart Sea view 
TITANIC BEACH SPA & AQUA PARK 5*07/11/2019 (incl.)15/11/2019 (incl.)All room types 
TITANIC PALACE RESORT & SPA 5*07/11/2019 (incl.)15/11/2019 (incl.)All room types 
05/11/2019 (incl.)28/11/2019 (incl.)All types in Bungalow 
TITANIC ROYAL 5*05/11/2019 (incl.)26/11/2019 (incl.)All room types 
25/12/2019 (incl.)01/01/2020 (incl.)All room types 
TROPITEL SAHL HASHEESH 5*09/11/2019 (incl.)15/11/2019 (incl.)All room types